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Rapido Dash 8-40CM

Draper Tapper Units I am sure a lot of you are familiar with the term’s Draper or Taper. If not I’ll briefly explain. The names “Draper” or “Taper” refers to locomotives that have a full width car body with tapper... Continue Reading →

Real or Not Real ?

Some model railroaders put such effort into their trains, that they make them look real. Some go as far as operating them, like the real railroads, and they even film them in the same way. Well if you notice in my... Continue Reading →

Quality Trains for Cheap

You know how sometimes saying cheap is always better seems good, and how sometimes it’s really not? Well, let me tell you this, in the model train world you can always find something that is high quality for better price.... Continue Reading →

Bullet Train Terrorist

I was looking around online for a train-filming blog to see if I could find anything interesting. Actually I was looking for information about how to get permission to film trains.  I am currently waiting to get written permission with SEPTA to... Continue Reading →

Datsun or Nissan Anyone?

  Well when I hear the name Datsun I automatically think of a 1970’s 240 or 280z. Those cars were iconic for Japan not just for their style but their ability to be great on turns. Well I was looking... Continue Reading →

MP54 Where Are You?

If you're thinking of the movie "Car 54 Where Are You", then you're right. I got the idea for the title from that movie. However this blog has nothing to do with that movie. It's actually about the HO scale... Continue Reading →

Modeling Early Amtrak-Budd High-Level Cars

Brief Amtrak History: In 1971 Amtrak was formed by the US government to take over the nation’s failing passenger rail operations. Since all other railroads excluding the Alaska Railroad were getting out of the passenger business Amtrak was formed to... Continue Reading →

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