I started this blog because I wanted to do something more creative and more personally related to my you tube channel. By linking the blog to my channel I am better able to show my detail projects with more pictures in a step by step way.

I think someone should read this blog because it will show the hobby of trains in a fun interactive aspect. By combing the blog with my you tube channel (EMDSD14R) it will enable me to reach more people, that have questions about certain trains, rather than having them try to post that question or comment on a video. I can show them in the blog with more detail.     

My personal bio that relates to my blog is my strong interests and hobby in trains both real and in models. Ever since my parents got me into trains at age 5 I’ve always enjoyed trains or pretty much anything related to transportation. That’s includes cars, trucks, planes, boats, etc.

Some of my family use to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad. and my families hometown is Paoli, PA. Its located on the Keystone Corridor. The Keystone Corridor or (Harrisburg Line) was the first electrified line that was finished by the PRR. My dad and mom got me into trains at 5 years old and I’ve been in the hobby ever since. I started building custom fantasy model trains at age 14 but, it really took off at age 16. I build locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars and hy-rail vehicles. Outside of building model trains I film real trains in and around the Philadelphia area. The railroads I film include Amtrak, Septa, NJT, CSX, NS, BNSF, CP Rail, Strasburg and many others. Another hobby of mine is collecting die cast cars and trucks. I have a huge collection of Hot Wheels cars and Matchbox cars.

My model train collection is also huge and consists of trains from around the world. I have  trains from America, France, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and many other countries. My collection is still growing also. Last time I checked I had over 300+ locomotives but that was over 7 years ago. I’ve brought hunderds of trains since then and I need to recount my collection.