I was looking around online for a train-filming blog to see if I could find anything interesting. Actually I was looking for information about how to get permission to film trains.  I am currently waiting to get written permission with SEPTA to film. I wanted to see if anyone else had past issues with police or other officials telling them they can’t film. I mean after 9/11 everything changed and it’s getting harder to film trains because of this reason. In all honesty I didn’t find a thing to help me out in that department. Yep, I looked and found not a single thing. So I guess I am back to waiting on hearing a reply from SEPTA. However, all was not in vain I did find a blog post about train movies. As it turns out Lindsay Korst is a blogger who writes about obscure train movies.

The Post

His post about the Japanese movie called “The Bullet Train 1975 ” was very interesting. It gave some great facts about the trains. Like how at one time they were the fastest trains in the world operating at 130 mph. I also found out that the movie Speed was inspired by this film. How you ask?

Well there is a bomb on this train, yep a bomb. And just like the bus in the movie Speed if the trains drops below a certain speed it blows up. As I read through the blog I was drawn more into the movie and the description of it. The pictures and illustrations fit perfectly. Not only that but he used actually shots from the movie which really enhance the blog.
bullet train 2

bullet train 1

 My Personal Reaction

I think he did a great job with the blog overall but personally I would have liked to seen a small clip of the movie even if it was only 30 seconds but I think I will look this film up and watch it to see for myself. But what do you guys think of this would you watch it knowing about the fact that it inspired the movie Speed with the bomb on the bus?