Well when I hear the name Datsun I automatically think of a 1970’s 240 or 280z. Those cars were iconic for Japan not just for their style but their ability to be great on turns. Well I was looking around for a blog post on those cars but came across a modern version or Nissan.

The Blog

I looked at a blog called Zcarblog then clicked on The Function Factory -Amuz 370z . It took me to the post called “Built to inspire: Meet the Powerhouse Amuse 370Z”. Now this post was made on2/8/17 so from the writing of this response it’s a day old. The owner of this customized car McMickens is from the Philadelphia area. That part, besides the car drew me in because he moved to California.

As I read about the car and what the owner did or has been doing, I became more interested in what he was about. Not only that but, the car beautiful. I reminds me of the older 240z and280z. Why you ask? Well the body kit enhances the lines of the car. It looks like it’s moving fast when it’s not moving, and the silver color is prefect for it. It’s not that overly gaudy color it’s simple and elegant in my opinion.

From there he talked about what he had done with the car. He basically installed every bolt on part that he could. But there were limits to that so later on he added a supercharger to it. This allows the car to make over 400hp!! Now personally I’ve own a car that had close to 300hp stock.

That was a 1993 Lincoln Mark 8. That car was fast but heavy. You can’t really compare it to the370Z, but I do understand that high HP can be fun but also scary sometimes if you’re not careful.


Anyway, this 370z was built to inspire others. I mean that’s a great thing to do. It gives others hope and the motivation to try to make something. When I was reading that part it reminded me of what I do with Trains on my you tube channel (EMDSD14R). I try to inspire others who may not have the money or time  to invest in the hobby , but to still try and  have fun. So reading that part in this blog really made me feel good.

Personally I’d checked this post out for yourself and read it. It might help you find the motivation for something in your life even if it’s not car related.